Get ready for an exciting collaboration between MONSTA X and Steve Aoki!

Last November, the famous American music producer revealed in an interview that he hoped to collaborate with MONSTA X in the future. He explained at the time, “I noticed MONSTA X’s charms and outstanding production skills on social media.”

On February 8, Starship Entertainment confirmed that Steve Aoki’s wish had come true. A representative of the agency announced, “Steve Aoki produced one of the new songs on MONSTA X’s [upcoming] second studio album. They ended up working together after Steve Aoki’s interview.”

The track produced by Steve Aoki, named “Play It Cool,” will also feature lyrics written by MONSTA X member I.M.

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MONSTA X’s second studio album “Take.2: We Are Here” will be released on February 18. In the meantime, check out the group’s latest teasers here!

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