MONSTA X spoke about giving back to their families in a recent interview.

On February 18, MONSTA X released “Take 2: We Are Here,” which includes their title track “Alligator.” After debuting in 2015, MONSTA X began getting paid for the first time in 2018. The MONSTA X members shared details on how they recently spent their paychecks for their families.

Wonho began, “My mom will move to an apartment in Gangnam soon. It’s a jeonse lease and I slightly overdid it, but I felt so happy that I could provide her a home. I felt that much more thankful to the members, agency, and fans.” In Korea, a jeonse lease involves a tenant making a lump-sum deposit on a rental space (usually 50 to 80 percent of the market value) instead of paying monthly rent.

“My younger brother was on break this Lunar New Year,” said Minhyuk. “We bowed to our family for Lunar New Year and received New Year’s money, but I returned mine and gave them some more.” He added that he gifted his younger brother an autographed CD from a girl group.

Joohoney said, “My younger brother is a senior in high school. We’re currently advertising school uniforms and I gave him the gift of a new school uniform. I felt proud seeing my younger brother wearing not just any school uniform, but the one we were advertising.”

MONSTA X released the MV for their title track “Alligator” on February 18. Check out the MV here!

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