MONSTA X recently sat down for an interview over drinks with news outlet Ilgan Sports.

During the interview, the members talked about their favorite episodes from the two seasons of the group’s variety show “MONSTA X-RAY.”

Wonho shared, “I really enjoyed spending time with kids at the preschool. We went twice for the first season and second season, and I’m not sure if they were pretending to remember us or if they really did remember us, but I was thankful that they seemed glad to see us.”

Minhyuk continued, “We were tired after the MBC’s ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’ recording when we went to film at the preschool, and we received a lot of healing from the kids. I was so happy while filming.”

Hyungwon also commented, “The episode where we made kimchi was so funny. It was so cold, but I think the episode ended up being really entertaining. I think our chemistry was also shown well.”

When asked which idols they wish would guest on “MONSTA X-RAY,” Wonho revealed, “GOT7. I think we can bring out something more fun because we’re comfortable with them.” Minhyuk added, “I think it’s bound to be fun when we film comfortably.”

MONSTA X was also asked which singers they want to collaborate with. Wonho responded, “I really want to receive a track from Lee Hyun Do. We appeared on the episode of JTBC’s “Sugar Man 2″ for the late Kim Sung Jae. I am personally a fan of Deux, so I would like to receive a track from Lee Hyun Do.”

Jooheon chose IU and commented, “I would like to work with her.” Minhyuk replied, “Sunwoo Jung A. If she features on a MONSTA X song, I think a cool song with a jazzy vibe would be born.”

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