Tweet’s of MONSTA X‘s replies to MONBEBE‘s messages have been receiving attention through online community boards.

Take a look at the messages below!

Fan: “Recommend me something to eat for lunch.”

Wonho: “Kimchi ramen burger.”


In case you all were wondering, a Kimchi ramen burger does exist.


Fan: “Not want you want to eat Oppa.”

Wonho: “We do what I want to eat.”


Fan: “Oppa I left school early.”

Minhyuk: “Go back to school~”


Fan: Why are you ahjusshi’s using english?

Wonho: There are no ahjusshi’s here


Fan: “Wonho, this is an emergency. You’ve just been caught for being mixed with Korean and Heaven. Now everyone knows that you are an angel.”

MONSTA X: “Secret”


It’s already funny that MONBEBE’s are sending tweets about nothing really, but the fact that MONSTA X replies to them is so cute!

Have they ever replied back to you on Twitter? Let us know!