Recently, Wonho announced his first comeback with the album Love Synonym #2: Right For Us, set to be released on February 26. The MV teaser for the title track “Lose” was posted on February 22, and within the 28-second clip, detail-oriented fans noticed that some scenes bore a resemblance to previous MONSTA X videos he had been a part of!

The end of the “Lose” MV teaser. | WONHO/YouTube

While these could be simple coincidences, it’s nice to think of these scenes as a shoutout to his former group-mates and close friends.

1. “Dramarama”

This close-up scene of Wonho’s hands is reminiscent of a scene from the “DRAMARAMA” music video.

| WONHO/YouTube 

Although this scene shows off Hyungwon‘s hands, these two scenes do share some resemblance.

| starshipTV/YouTube

2. “Beautiful” (Japanese version)

The long table he sits at in the music video teaser harkens back to the Japanese version of MONSTA X’s “Beautiful” music video.

| WONHO/YouTube

He seems to be sporting the same somber expression, too.

3. “Follow”

The sharp contrast between light and dark was iconic in MONSTA X’s “Follow” music video and seems to have made a reappearance in the “Lose” teaser.

| WONHO/YouTube

This comparison is bittersweet, as “Follow” was the last MONSTA X music video Wonho appeared in.

Fans found that this part also bore a resemblance to MONSTA X’s concept pictures for their latest album Fatal Love. 

wonho mx concept
I.M’s Fatal Love concept photo (left) and a still from Wonho’s “Lose” MV teaser (right). | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter & WONHO/YouTube

4. “Alligator”

The scene of Wonho in the water was probably the most striking, as it seems to be eerily similar all the way down to the outfit.

| WONHO/YouTube









Save for the flames, of course.

| starshipTV/YouTube

Regardless of whether these similarities were intentional or not, fans are still incredibly excited to shower Wonho with love on February 26. You can watch the “Lose” teaser below.