MONSTA X’s I.M reflected on 2018 and looked forward to 2019 in a Lunar New Year interview with OSEN that was shared on February 4.

MONSTA X continued to grow and achieve great results in 2018. Their popularity grew at home and abroad, and they became recognized as a globally popular group. I.M has actively participated in their musical process and overseas promotions, and used the English skills he acquired while growing up in the United States to play a lead role during the group’s interviews and TV appearances. 

I.M was born in the year of the pig, and in the interview he shared his thoughts and hopes for 2019, which is the year of the golden pig.

“I think [the Lunar New Year holiday] will be a breather for the upcoming comeback,” began I.M. “We’re working hard on the comeback, so we’re planning to slowly check everything from the song production to the final things that need to be reviewed. When we come back, I think busy promotions will continue for the time being, so I’ll probably eat a lot of delicious food and get plenty of rest to manage my physical endurance.”

He continued, “For MONSTA X, I want us to continue our past success and also get first place during promotions for this album. I hope we can earn good results such as our music entering the Billboard charts and receiving awards at year-end award shows. MONSTA X is continuously growing and improving, so I want to continue that energy and prove it with good results.” The singer added that after the comeback, MONSTA X is also planning various promotions including performances and a world tour.

I.M also shared some of his personal goals. The rapper said, “I previously released mixtapes from time to time and my first self-produced track was included in the last album, but this year, I also want to share music filled with my charms through my mixtape. I want self-produced songs to be included in our album and want to show you good things after developing my personal musical abilities.”

He added, “This year, I want to start a new sport. There are members in the group who regularly exercise. They said it helps them relieve stress and that they feel joy from accomplishing goals. I don’t really enjoy exercising, but I want to find a fun sport and try something new.”

Sending a message to MONSTA X’s official fandom Monbebes, I.M stated, “Monbebe! Thank you for always being by MONSTA X’s side and supporting us. You’re probably really looking forward to our comeback, and I’ll repay you with great performances that exceed your expectations. Please wait a little for MONSTA X. This year will be the golden year of the pig that starts with Monbebe and ends with Monbebe. I love you, Monbebe.”

I.M also shared a message for his fellow members. “Hyungs!” he began. “Last year, we achieved so many things and we were so happy. I hope we can all gather strength this year as well and achieve good results. We’ll have a comeback soon, and let’s continue the good energy we received until now and happily promote without getting hurt! Also, let’s spend a meaningful year while relying on each other like brothers as we have done until now. Cheers!”

Concluding with a Lunar New Year message, I.M stated, “It’s the Lunar New Year holiday for 2019, the golden year of the pig. I hope all of you will have a comfortable, safe journey home, and I hope that the Lunar New Year holiday will be a time where you eat lots of delicious food and recharge while resting comfortably. Since the Lunar New Year holiday is a time of starting the new year, many people may set new goals. I’ll pray with you that you accomplish all of the things you hope for. Happy New Year, be healthy, and I hope your days are only full of good things.”

MONSTA X will make a comeback with “Take.2: We Are Here” on February 18. Check out the teasers here!

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