During MONSTA X’s comeback interview with OSEN on February 18, member I.M talked about recently recording an audiobook. I.M, who’s known for his charming voice, gained the opportunity to have his voice be heard all over the world. He revealed that the main reason he decided to participate in the recording was to help people who are blind.

In the interview, I.M said, “This is our first comeback in four months after ‘Shoot Out.’ We also went to the Jingle Ball and did well at award ceremonies, so I hope we will receive good energy for these promotions and gain good results,” adding that his specific goal was to win six trophies at music broadcasts. Previously, MONSTA X won four trophies including their first-ever terrestrial music show trophy with “Shoot Out.”

Through Naver’s Audioclip, I.M released his reading of Oscar Wilde’s storybook “The Happy Prince.” After hearing praise for his voice, I.M said, “It was a voice chosen by Naver.” He also shared, “Normally, books are read [not heard], but I thought it was refreshing to release an audio version, so I decided to participate [in the recording].”

Among the MONSTA X members, I.M is the “voice” of the group. He is a charismatic rapper with a vocal quality that appeals to a wide audience. He also narrated in the teaser video for their most recent comeback album “Take.2: We Are Here.”

I.M also added, “Personally, I think there was one main reason that made me participate [in this project]. I largely participated for the sake of people with visual impairment,” showing that he’d taken the time to think about the world around him despite living a busy life as an idol.

While I.M is the youngest member, he is also multi-talented. He participated in the rap making for all of the songs on MONSTA X’s album and showed off his songwriting and lyric writing skills with his mixtape “Fly With Me,” single “Madeleine,” self-composed song “MOHAE,” and more.

I.M has received much praise for his audio recording, as well as his reason for attempting the genre.

Watch MONSTA X’s comeback MV of “Alligator” here!

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