MONSTA X are always seen playing around with each other no matter where they are. And, one of those moments has fans laughing over how accurate it is.

monsta x kihyun

In a video clip, Kihyun is hiding a professional camera within his sweater, making quiet shutter sounds as if snapping photos.

monsta x kihyun 3

Then, Minhyuk taps him on the shoulder and takes the camera from him.

monsta x minhyuk

But Kihyun later continues to take photos, moving the camera into different positions as he looks around to check if anyone’s watching, just like a fansite would.

It’s unclear what Kihyun was really doing, but he did it so well that a lot of Monbebes felt like he was imitating them too whenever they’re snapping photos at their concerts.

monsta x kihyun