MONSTA X’s Minhyuk, MOMOLAND’s Daisy, and The Boyz’s Sunwoo will be in a new variety show!

On May 18, a source from tvN’s variety show “My Math Adolescence” (working title) stated that the three idols will be joining cast as “renouncers of math.”

“My Math Adolescence” is a new show that follows the channel’s “My English Adolescence” which began last year. It will show celebrities who had given up on math for various reasons, as they try to learn more about the subject.

In addition to Minhyuk, Daisy, and Sunwoo, cast members that have previously been announced for the show include Park Ji Yoon and Lee Chun Soo. It’s been said that the cast will include a diverse range of stars, from teenagers to celebrities in their 40s.

“My Math Adolescence” will premiere in late June.

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