On September 10, MONSTA X appeared on the SBS Radio Power FM “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” as guests.

In this episode, when DJ Cultwo asked Shownu what his role was in the team, Shownu answered, “I am in charge of swimming in the team.” The idol singer’s confusing answer caused a lot of laughter in the studio.

When Cultwo asked why Shownu was in charge of swimming, the other members of MONSTA X replied, “Shownu used to be a swimmer in elementary school. He would sweep all the medals in competitions.”

Upon hearing this, Cultwo’s Jung Chan Woo asked, “If you were so good at swimming, why did you give it up?” Shownu responded, “Although there were a lot of reasons, I thought that continuing swimming as a professional job would be too difficult. However, after I quit swimming, as I saw Rain’s performance, I thought that I, too, must become a singer and that’s how I debuted.”

Meanwhile, MONSTA X recently released their mini album, “RUSH.”


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