MONSTA X sat down with Heat to play a game of “If You Could”, and one of the questions they were asked was “If you could be any celebrity for a day, who would you be and why?” Shownu answered Usher “just because”(we can’t blame him!). Wonho was quick to speak up that his pick was none other than Dwayne Johnson, and this drew claps and shocked “ooh’s” from his members.

If I could… Dwayne Johnson

wonho_dwayne johnson_2

Wonho takes a lot of pride in his body and works out frequently to keep up his striking physique so it’s no surprise that he would choose someone with a body like wrestling legend turned actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

wonho_dwayne johnson_1

That, and Dwayne Johnson is probably one of the coolest people on the planet. Who wouldn’t want to be him?


Watch MONSTA X’s entire interview below (and someone get I.M a bed ASAP!):