MIAK Monthly Sales Information:
This is by far the best month of sales of 2008 and is putting a lot of hope back into the music industry. The number one artiste of this month is Big Bang, who currently have the highest first month sales and are also the first to hit over 100,000 in just the first week, which is something that hasn’t been seen in a while. The most surprising thing, though, is the fact that it was only a mini-album and the sales have already outsold each of the totals of their previous mini-albums’ sales.
In second spot with close to a 70,000 sales difference is Shin Hye Sung‘s third album. It’s expected that this will be a top seller considering the success of his previous releases. Though it does stray a little from his signature ballad style, fans will definitely enjoy his showcase of versatility. Not far behind is a new boyband who only debuted in May this year. With sales of 30,000 copies for their debut album, it’s no doubt that SHINee will soon be reaching the top like their label-mates, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior and So Nyuh Shi Dae. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a long chart run with their album. It seems the top 5 is being dominated with boybands, with yet another one coming in fourth. F.T. Island were strong contenders last year with their high-selling debut album and this one will probably continue the strong sales streak. Last in the top 5 is Dynamic Duo, a group known for their hip-hop music. Though they are trying a different approach to their music this year in comparison to last year’s album, their innovative style has definitely helped them achieve good sales.
Just missing the top 5 is Younha, who was one of 2007’s strongest newcomers. Showing fans a more graceful and mature image, Younha’s music still remains as strong as the previous year’s and she’ll most likely repeat the strong sales. Right below the rookie is Kim Gun Mo, one of the veterans. Already on his 12th album, which is a feat in itself, his sales are still showing his strong fanbase. In seventh place is another veteran of Kpop. Lee Hyo Lee was able to secure the highest female one-month sales for last month and it seems her album is continuing to sell quite strongly. With the top 5 mainly dominated by male groups, it seems that the rest of the top 10 is dominated by veterans. Kim Bum Soo lands in ninth place with his new album. Known for his soothing voice, it seems his popularity has yet to let up. Finally in 10th are Brown Eyes with their third album, which has yet to drop out of the top 10, even after 3 months. It’s no doubt they will become another one of our 100,000 copies-sold albums of 2008. 

1. Big Bang – 3rd Mini-album “Stand Up”

Sales: 107,043

2. Shin Hye Sung – Vol. 3 “Side 1 Live and Let Live”

Sales: 37,884

3. SHINee – Vol. 1 “SHINee World”

Sales: 30,000


4. F.T. Island – Vol. 2 “Colorful Sensibility”

Sales: 26,789

5. Dynamic Duo – Vol. 4 “Last Days”

Sales: 24,133

6. Younha – Vol. 2 “Someday”

Sales: 20,670

7. Kim Gun Mo – Vol. 12 “Soul Groove”

Sales: 19,876

8. Lee Hyo Lee – Vol. 3 “It’s Hyorish”

Sales: 12,550 (57,817)

9. Kim Bum Soo – Vol. 6 “6”

Sales: 12,386

10. Brown Eyes – Vol. 3 “Two Things Needed For The Same Purpose And 5 Objects”

Sales: 9,226 (97,340)

Sources: YesAsia, MIAK.or.kr