To end this month’s music releases (from November 16-26), band 지원바람, who was a participant of “The Voice Korea Season 2,” released their first single “Break Down.” It’s a melodious track starting out slow, then evolving into an emotional rock ballad. Next, Sidus HQ’s new male group Like makes a buzz before their official debut (aimed for the first half of next year.) They released a single “Go Away”, which is also the ending theme song of movie “Friend 2.” The track is a country-ballad song. Its acoustic and warm feeling captivates listeners and shows great potential as they near their debut.

Rock band Dear Cloud returns with their annual Christmas single “‘13 Merry Christmas & Farewell.” It consists of two mellow but soothing tracks perfect for the wintery season. Super producer crew IPT shares “Girls Talk” featuring R&B vocalists Boni and Satbyul. The collaboration is one to look out for as the divas have great power vocals and definitely make up a great team. Park Soo Min, Park Jung Hyun and Jeon Il Joon make up the R&B group Lego. Their debut song “You Make Me So Crazy” is a catchy pop/R&B tune with its vibrant and rhythmic sounds.

Lastly, following Lisa and Kim Yeon Ji (See Ya) in the “Luminiant Opus” series, R&B soloist 40 and hip-hop duo Eluphant team up for the third single in this installment. With Eluphant’s exquisite rap and 40’s charming vocals, the medium-tempo track is an interesting listen.

Tune in the next couple of weeks for the first half of December’s music releases as well as the rest of November’s. If you missed the first half of this month’s releases, feel free to catch up here. As always, if you are particularly interested in one of these lesser known artists profile information can be requested by commenting below or via Twitter.

AHee – Numbers the Stars (November 12) (Jazz/Blues) Big Time – 눈빛꼭질 (November 12) (R&B) Ji Yeon – 추억일 때 아름다운 것 (November 12) (Ballad) Momentale – Scary Monday (November 12) (Indie/Rock) Soshiham Boys – 감성변태 (November 12) (Indie) 지원바람 – Break Down (November 12) (Rock) Kim Ryu Han – Epilogue (featuring Aurora Sting) (November 13) (Indie/Jazz) Heenain – H9 (November 13) (R&B) Like – 돌아갈래 (November 13) (Ballad) None – Come To My World (November 13) (Hip Hop) Yena – So Hard (November 13) (R&B/Soul) YK – Can You Hear Me? (November 13) (Rock) Yoonhan – Man on the Piano (November 14) (Ballad) Zeebra – 사랑 아니면 사랑한게 아니면 (November 14) (Ballad) Hanny – End+And – Afterparty (November 15) (Ballad/Dance) Journey – Journey (November 15) (Ballad) 2LSON – Wild Card (November 18) (Hip Hop)

All That – Iced Tea (November 18) (Hip Hop) Breadmuffin – 신호등(November 18) (R&B) Jase Choi – 이든사운드 프로젝트 Vol.2 (November 18) (R&B) Two Base – In The Time (November 18) (Rock/Ballad) D-ani – 이럴거면 사랑이란걸 (November 19) (Ballad) Coffee Boy – 사나이로 태어나서 (November 19) (Indie) Rose Motel – 장가가고 싶은 남자 시집가고 싶은 여자 (November 19) (Indie) So Ryang – Autumn Again 2 (November 19) (Ballad) The Romantic Approach – The Romantic Approach (November 19) (Ballad) The Tourist – 나란한 걸음 (November 19) (Indie) Taru – Blind (November 20) (Indie) 40 & Eluphant – Luminant Opus II (November 22) (Hip Hop) Kim Seung A – 울다 걷다 뛰다 (November 22) (Ballad) Evening – Be Happy (November 25) (Ballad) Lego – You Make Me So Crazy (November 25) (R&B) Lush – Yesterday (November 25) (Ballad) Dear Cloud – ‘13 Merry Christmas & Farewell (November 26) (Indie Rock) IPT – Girls Talk (with Boni & Saet Byul) (November 26) (R&B) Credits & Sources: Band [email protected], [email protected], Kiroy [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Neuron [email protected], olot75, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], YoungDuk [email protected], 이 승리@Youtube, [email protected] (Compilation)