The second half of October (15-28) brought us many emotional ballad tracks for the fall season.

Power vocalist Dia released a new single “Be Modern” with girl group Kiss & Cry, who she will be debuting with early next year. Members consist of Bo Hye (Miu of Bella), So Yumi (from disbanded idol group VNT), and Hae Na. The four ladies showcase their strong vocals with Shorry J of Mighty Mouth. Korean-American singer Paul Kim features in 2LSON’s newest single “Slow Jam.” The song is pretty straightforward, a slow R&B track with Paul Kim’s charming vocals.

Duo D-Day releases their first mini album. Compared to their last single in August, the title track “보이나요” (translates to “Can You See?”) is an emotional ballad that is able to bring out their sweet voices. Male group M-Note debuts with their first single “사랑해선 안될 몇가지” (translates to “A Few Things You Shouldn’t Love”). The title track has a perfect blend of harmony, and the powerful soul-oriented music flows throughout. Although the group just debuted, members LK, Mogun, and Doy were previous members of R&B group Attain.

With an electronica, acoustic sound, Rotiful releases their first single “So Bad.” The soul-pop team consists of drummer and producer J-tea, guitarist Jae Won and vocalist Mini. Vocalist Mini has had many great vocal coaches from MBC’s “Birth of a Great Star” MC Sniper, Illinit, Leo, Shirosky, Chwi Rap, and Deegie who she has also featured with.

Please tune in the next couple of weeks for the first half of November music releases. If you missed the first half of October releases , you can check it out here. Also, if you are interested in one of these artists and would love more information about them, you can make a request via comment, Soompi Facebook or Twitter and a profile of any underrated artist will be posted up in the K-Pop forum section by yours truly. Some artists may not have any available information (i.e. profiles, videos, pictures, etc.); therefore, not all requests can be fulfilled.

길바닥로망 – 길바닥로망 (October 16) (Indie)   JQ – What U Want? (Feat. G-Tiger) (October 16) (Hip Hop) Rana – Hello Rana (October 16) (Indie) ONK – Hello Hello (October 17) (Ballad) Sunbee – 처음… 소리를 그리다 (October 17) (Ballad) Dew.y – Alone (October 18) (Hip Hop) Dia, Kiss & Cry – Be Modern (October 18) (Ballad) Dosirock Band – Dosirock Band 1st Mini Album (October 18) (Ballad) Han Chae Yoon – October Sky (October 18) (Indie) Jungkey – New Balance (October 18) (Ballad) Min Chae – True Love (October 18) (Ballad) Timber – 3 Days (October 18) (Ballad) Q.S – 니가 없데 (October 21) (Ballad) Wednesday Band – Alone (October 21) (Indie) Hee Roo – Please Take Me To Heaven (October 22) (Ballad)

Soran – Vol. 2 – Prince (October 22) (Indie) 2LSON – Slow Jam (October 23) (R&B) D-Day – 보이나요 (October 23) (Ballad) FEllAS – 아직 헤어지진 않았잖아(October 23) (R&B/Soul) Jaram Project – 바스락 (October 23) (Indie) M-Note – 사랑해선 안될 몇가지 (October 23) (R&B/Ballad) Cryim – Vol. 1 – But. Full (October 25) (Indie) Evening – Snow Season (October 25) (Ballad) Ji Hoon, Nam Joon – See You (October 25) (Ballad) K-Jun, DJ Miu – Play Beat (October 25) (Hip Hop/Electronica) Shin Sunbi – 그들이 사랑하기까지(October 25) (Ballad) Why Y – Why Y (October 25) (Rock) Plan W with BJ – The Autumn (October 28) (Ballad) Rotiful – So Bad (October 28) (R&B/Soul)

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