Moon Chae Won is planning on taking action towards a netizen who has been posting malicious articles, claiming that he is her boyfriend.

The issue began when a netizen started posting on an online portal site about how he was dating the actress. On the site, the netizen wrote, “I have been dating Moon Chae Won since March 2015. If this is not true I will break my fingers with a shovel that is used for military purposes.”

According to the report, those who write malicious comments containing false facts can either be sentenced to jail for up to seven years, suspended for up to 10 years, or given penalties up to 50 million won (approximately $44,500) for cyber libel.

On April 5, Moon Chae Won’s agency stated, “We will be taking measures including legal action against the netizen as his postings have crossed the line and are bringing extreme displeasure.”

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