Did you know that the talented actress, Moon Ga Young, can also speak German? She was born in Germany, and grew up there before moving back to Korea in her teens. She can speak German, English and Korean as such!


On Foodvengers, Moon Ga Young appeared with ASTRO‘s Moonbin. The two are known to be close as they were both child actors.

| Fantagio Entertainment

The concept of the show has a few celebrity guests running a restaurant. Moon Ga Young was working in the kitchen when…

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… Moonbin came to her in a panic. He quickly explained that there was a German customer and that it would be better for Ga Young to explain the menu to him in his native language.


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The German customer explained that his Korean friend was the one who had booked the place, but was running late. As he arrived first, Ga Young served up an appetizer and deftly explained the food in German.

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She even consulted her recipe notes to thoroughly explain what went into each dish.

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Later on, she kindly gave Moonbin a quick crash course on common German phrases such as “welcome” and “bon appétit“!

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Be sure to check out her fluent German in the clip below. Moon Ga Young has just wrapped up her latest drama, True Beauty.