Moon Geun Young received a lot of attention for her hidden dancing skills. At Seoul’s Youngdeungpo Art Hall on July 30th, she held her third official fan meeting “gift,” and she showed off her dance skills. Her dancing has been made into a clip that is spreading online with the title, “Moon Geun Young’s Crazy Dance Clip.”

In the video Moon Geun Young is doing a perfect dance with back dancers. Her attire is hip hop and she pulls it off well while doing groovy dance moves. In the middle of the clip makes a mistake but recovers like a professional.

Fans who have come across the clip have commented, “There is nothing that she can’t do,” “She’s good at studying, dancing, and singing what can’t she do?” “She is no different from any of the girl groups that are currently performing,” “she can dance well from hip hop to sexy dances.”