Moon Geun Young and BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae have been confirmed for the upcoming SBS thriller drama “Village – Achiara’s Secret.” 

The two actors have been confirmed as the leads of the new Wednesday-Thursday evening drama after previous reports of their casting offers.

Moon Geun Young will portray Kim So Yoon, an English teacher who is transferred to the town of Achiara. Yook Sungjae will play cop Park Woo Jae, who has finally accomplished his dream of becoming a policeman after failing the exam three times. The two will join forces as they discover the secrets behind the mysterious corpses that are unearthed in the seemingly peaceful, quiet town of Achiara.

“Achiara” is a pure Korean word that means “small pond.” The drama is slated to premiere after the completion of “Yongpal.”

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