Actress Moon Geun Young couldn’t hide her respect and envy for her senior, Ha Ji Won.

After the first episode of “The King 2hearts” was aired on March 21, Moon Geun Young made a post on her mini-homepage. She said, “My heart is pounding – I’m so envious, in awe and in respect.”

Moon Geun Young made a second post saying, “I watched ‘The King.’ Ha Ji Won unni is so awesome and I’m so envious – I felt crazy. So I was a bit sad too. But I thought to myself and made a determination saying, ‘Just wait till I come back! Stronger than ever!’”

Currently, those posts have been deleted from Moon Geun Young’s homepage. However, her fans have already captured the screen and have posted it on several entertainment sites, which is becoming a hot topic.

Ha Ji Won plays a female North Korean officer, Kim Hang Ah in “The King 2hearts.” In the first episode, she showed off her exceptional action skills. She also comically made references to her past co-stars, Jo In Sung and Hyun Bin, which provided much laughter and entertainment to the viewers.

It seems like Moon Geun Young has fallen deeply into Ha Ji Won’s multi-faceted charms.

Meanwhile, according to the fans, it seems like Moon Geun Young was referring to her college graduation when she mentioned her comeback. She is currently enrolled in the Sungkyunkwan University and she will be graduating in the coming fall. Fans are showing much joy at Moon Geun Young’s words of self-determination.