Moon Geun Young is in discussions to play the lead role in director Heo Jin Ho’s melodramatic historical film “Princess Deok Hye.”

Director Heo Jin Ho, who has received lots of love for his melodramatic films like “Happiness” and “April Snow,” is looking to introduce the tragic story of Joseon Dynasty’s last princess Deok Hye to the Korean audience. While the casting has not been confirmed, Moon Geun Young is the leading candidate being considered to appear in the film and thus is drawing attention. It has been revealed that Moon Geun Young’s side is currently in discussions with production about her appearance.

One person involved in the film said, “The role is prepared for a star who can also act out the pain of that time. If Moon Geun Young decides to appear in ‘Princess Deok Hye,’ together with director Heo Jin Ho, I forsee it showing a significant display of abilties.”

The film ‘Princess Deok Hye’ is about the dire history and tragic life lived by the daughter of Emperor Gojong. While ‘Princess Deok Hye’ has had success both as a novel and play, ‘Princess Deok Hye,’ is a film which director Heo Jin Ho has been secretly pushing to be made for a long time.