The original “National Little Sister” Moon Geun Young participated in the filming of upcoming episode of SBS “Running Man.” Moon Geun Young and the “Running Man” cast were divided into Moon Geun Young’s and Song Ji Hyo‘s teams and explored the city of Incheon. The core mission of this episode is to determine the “X-man” who is executing a special mission in disguise. 

When Moon Geun Young appeared on the set, members of “Running Man” welcomed her. Kim Jong Guk expressed his nervousness, “She’s my ideal type of woman. I’m so nervous.” Members of “Running Man” made fun of Kim Jong Guk’s shy and smitten demeanor, “I’ve never seen him this shy before. Do you really like her?” 

Moon Geun Young confessed that she’s a long time fan of “Running Man,” promising to do her best as a guest star in the episode. She also surprised everyone with her cute wave dance before the actual mission began. 

This episode of “Running Man” featuring Moon Geun Young will be airing on October 11 at 6:10pm KST.