Actress Moon Geun Young was recently featured in an interview with KBS 2TV‘s “Entertainment Weekly” during which she talked about her new film “Sado” along with co-stars Song Kang Ho, Jun Hye Jin, and Yoo Ah In.

During the interview, Moon Geun Young opens up about taking on her first role as a mother. “The boy who is playing my son greeted me [when we first met] saying, ‘Hello Mother.’ And I thought, ‘I can’t believe I’m [playing] a mother at this age.’”

When asked about the actor So Ji Sub who will be playing her son as an adult, Moon Geun Young says, “Honestly, I told the director in the beginning that I didn’t want to [work with So Ji Sub].”

She continued, “I wanted to meet So Ji Sub sunbae through a romantic film, so I didn’t want our first meeting to be as his mother. It was a little upsetting.”

Meanwhile, “Sado” is a historical film slated to premiere on September 16.

Are you looking forward to see Moon Geun Young and So Ji Sub in this movie together?

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