Recently on an online community forum, pictures of Moon Geun Young and her male look-alike Park Jin Woo surfaced. Revealed pictures show the two actors from film “My Little Bride” and drama “Painter of the Wind.” Their big starry eyes, sharp noses, and milky skin show remarkable resemblance.

Park Jin Woo, who is currently starring in tvN “Glass Mask,” previously mentioned this in a fan meeting. He commented, “When I worked with Moon Geun Young, many people asked us if we were related. So many people tell me that we look alike. Well, I’m honored.” 

Netizens commented, “Wow, you guys do look a lot like each other! Are you sure you’re not siblings?” “I love the parody of ‘Glass Mask,’ ‘My Little Bride,’ ‘Painter of the Wind,’ and ‘Cinderella’s Sister‘ where they put Park Jin Woo, Moon Geun Young, and Seo Woo in a love triangle.” and “Park Jin Woo is so good looking.” 

Meanwhile, Park Jin Woo is currently playing the role of Kim Ha Joon, who is deeply in love with Seo Woo, but is struggling with his love as Kim Yoon Suh has set up a scheme to test his love in tvN “Glass Mask.”