On December 6, Moon Hee Jun revealed in Moon Hee Jun’s Music Show details regarding his marriage with former Crayon Pop member, Soyul.

Married couples live a similar day to day life, so sometimes they need a surprise event that will act like their vitamin.

– Moon Hee Jun


Moon Hee Jun Soyul

According to him, Soyul loves receiving surprise chicken deliveries even more than fresh flowers. Their daughter, Moon Hee Yul, enjoys eating chicken just as much as Soyul does.


moon hee jun soyul1

He added that one reason why he married Soyul is because she is not fond of luxury goods.

My wife doesn’t like luxury goods and doesn’t know much about them, which is why I married her.

– Moon Hee Jun


Soyul Moon Hee Jun 1

Meanwhile, Moon Hee Jun married former Crayon Pop member Soyul on February 12, 2017 after 7 months of dating. Soyul gave birth to their daughter on May 12 of the same year.