We hear it often – celebrities saying they look the best after a shower. They get asked often by reporters “When do you think you are the most handsome/beautiful?” Many celebrities like what they see after a shower and say so, but actor Park Hae Jin says different.

A fan meeting for Park Hae Jin took place today to celebrate ten years since his debut. TV personality Boom was the emcee and he asked, “What do you think after you take a shower and look in the mirror?” Park Hae Jin answered, “I look the worse after a shower. I’m naked, after all. I wasn’t able to work out for about six months, while filming ‘Cheese in the Trap‘ till now. When I look now, it’s not pleasant.” Park Hae Jin added, “I’m planning to start working out next week.”

We feel you, Park Hae Jin, we feel you.