A survey conducted by Ranking, a Christian magazine, showed that their readers wish to do church service together with the following celebrities: In the entertainment industry, SNSD ranked 1st with 22% of the votes, Big Bang placed the 2nd spot with 17.4% votes, Lee Mun Sae ranked 3rd with 16.0% votes, actor Jo Sung-woo ranked 4th place with 9.4% votes and Wonder Girls placed the 5th spot with 6.6%.

Besides the entertainment field, they also chose Park Geun Hye from the political field and Kim Yuna from the sporting field as celebrities they want to go to church with.


The survey was conducted from May to June among 512 Christians from churches in Seoul Jongno, Gangwon-do Donghae, Gyeonggi-do Yongin, Cheonan, Jinju, Gwang-ju and Yeongdeok-gun.

Credit: christiantoday.co.kr, bigbangupdates