For followers of YG Entertainment artists, most should be familiar with Movement Lifestyle.  What Movement Lifestyle is, for those who are unsure, a choreography and management company which Shaun Evaristo, Aimee Lee Lucas, Mari Martin and other dancer/ choreographers are a part of that also provides services to help others further express themselves through the language of dance.  As many know Shaun has a great relationship with the YG Family as he has choreographed many dances for Big Bang, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and 2NE1.

For some time Shaun has captured these moments with some of Korea’s biggest stars (as well as around the world and his own goings on teaching dance classes, etc.) and has compiled them into episodes that he posts to YouTube.  Just the other day, Shaun uploaded episode six of Movement Lifestyle, entitled “Adventures with YG Entertainment- Episode 6 [Clap Your Hands]”.  He has had other episodes of Movement Lifestyle “Adventures with YG Entertainment” following Taeyang around during his comeback and another where Aimee worked with the ladies of 2NE1.  This is the latest installment of the series focusing on Shaun and Mari working with 2NE1 for their “Clap Your Hands” performance.

You can watch the episode below.  It definitely is worth watching.  Enjoy!

Source: Movement [email protected]