It looks like Psy’s “Gangnam Style” outfit is becoming one of the most trending costume ideas for this year’s Halloween.

Just last week,, a U.S.-based online fashion blog, published a list of “2012’s Top Halloween Costumes,” and “Gangnam Style” ranked #2 on the list. It said of the tuxedo-based outfit: “For all the men out there (or ballsy ladies), Psy’s signature suits and brogues are a timely choice. Prerequisite: You must know that dance by heart, and be prepared to perform on cue. It may help to improve your Korean skills, your mouth-open facial expressions, and scout out some backup dancers that already know the moves. You better step up your game for this one, because this is truly the year of “Gangnam Style” and there will be plenty of Psy impostors.”

So how exactly are you supposed to buy the “costume”? Well, MTV gives you one option as they also released a style guide on their MTV Style website. It gives you the exact price and a link to the vendor so it’s definitely worth a look for all the Psy-manias! Oh, and in case you miss it, the MTV style guide also provides a look into the costumes for other characters from “Gangnam Style,” i.e. the backup dancer girl, the yellow suit guy, and the elevator guy. Read the full article here!