On December 26,MTV IGGY (MTV)released an article titled, “2015 Forecast: Asian Pop’s Hardest Hitters,” with one of artists including 2NE1’s leader, CL.

MTV stated, “CL will debut in the spring of 2015 and it will be different from PSY, Wang Rong, and BABYMETAL’s debut in the US, as they became famous from the internet. The article also talked about CL goals, as she previously stated, “I want to represent the women of Asia. I want to break the stereotypes of Asian women.”

MTV continued, “CL will stray from the norms and attempt a new challenge, with her skills and attitude, she will shine in 2015. She will be the frontrunner in getting Asian pop music known.”

CL featured in will.i.am’s album, #willpower, which also included artists such as, Britney Spears, Justin Beiber, and Miley Cyrus. She also recently featured in DJ Skrillex’s track ‘Dirty Vibe.’

Who’s excited for CL’s debut in the US?

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