BLACKPINK is finally releasing a full length album on October 2! They’ve been teasing fans with individual videos and photos of each member. Here, they’ve worn a handful of affordable and expensive clothing.

If you want to copy their looks, check out how much you need below!

1. Jennie

First up, Jennie had on a thick coat in the teaser photo of “Lovesick Girls”.

lovesick girls

It was a DanCassab Tibetano Mongolian Fur that costs an eye-watering $5,122 USD.

jennie coat
| DanCassab

Her earrings, meanwhile, were Dolce and Gabbana‘s Logo Hoop Earrings. It can be bought for $1,100 USD.

dolce gabanna
| Dolce and Gabbana

2. Jisoo

Jisoo was the definition of delicate and gorgeous in her teaser.


She wore a Burberry Jersey Corset Dress under her cut up denim jacket. Though it was barely seen, the $2,399 USD dress made a big impact to her overall look.

| Burberry

For her jewelry, she had on a Chain ST Hoop Earring from GODJAKE. It costs ₩89,000 KRW (about $76.20 USD).

st hoof
| Musinsa

3. Rosé

Next up, Rosé wore a simple t-shirt for her solo video teaser of “The Album”.

rose the album

BLINKs may be happy to note that her FREAKISH BUILDING Out Short Sleeve Crop Top costs an affordable ₩37,000 KRW (about $31.70 USD).

| Freakish Building

She looked stunning in it!

4. Lisa

Last but certainly not the least, Lisa was futuristic in her fashion sense.

lisa the album2

She wore a SEVALI Upcycled Sneakers Top from Collection_03 that costs $970 USD.


Her earrings came from the same shop as Jisoo’s, GODJAKE, but this time it was a BT Hoof Earring that retails for ₩129,000 KRW (about $110 USD).

godjake bt
| Musinsa

When it comes to fashion, BLACKPINK can make any outfit look luxurious and expensive.

lovesick girls blackpink