2PM’s “Without You” wins this week’s Music Bank, going up against other songs by solo stars Rain and Hyori. f(x) had their comeback stage with “Nu ABO”.

After their live performance, 2PM’s Junsu was rushed to the hospital because he was feeling knee pains and has undergone tests. He missed the show’s ending and was not on stage with all the other artists.  

Watch the Performances

Performance List
f(x) “Nu ABO”
Secret “Magic”
e.via “Shake”
2PM “Without U”
Rain “Love Song”
After School “Bang!”
Jerry w. T-ara HyoMin “Going to Love”
BEAST “Special”
Seo InGook “Loving U ”
Hyori “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”
ZE:A “All Day Long”
H2 “Heart Attack”
Ab Avenue “Being Bad”
Norazo “Save Me”
Hwi “Crosswalk”
Insooni “Father”
Sung Eun ft. Namolla Family Kim JaeWoo, D-Heaven “Only You”
Evan “Make You Cry”
Gil HakMi “Boom x3″
Chung Lim “Face”
GeumBi “콩닥콩닥”
Yoo SeungChan “Chemistry”AB A
Wink “Fantastic”

thanks to : juliaa for linking the youtube videos