The Commercial Music Video for “Switch” was released on March 8. The duet between Song Hye Gyo and Superstar K2 John Park is going to be used for the makeup brand “Laneige.” The lyrics of the song “Switch” show that Song Hye Gyo and John Park want to light up your life, like a light switch.

Here is a description of what is going on in the Commercial MV. Song Hye Gyo says, “Phew… I want to sing.” Then she receives an invitation from John Park. Before she enters the studio, John Park looks at the camera saying, “Hello I am John Park, I am honored at the opportunity to sing with Hye Gyo nuna. I will focus on harmony.”

Next scenes are shown of the two recording together.

Scenes are also shown from the teaser where John Park is shown being surprised that he would be working with Song Hye Gyo.

At the end of the MV, Song Hye Gyo asks John Park “I’m good at singing right?” and John Park replies, “No.” The two laugh and Song Hye Gyo says, “I thought I was pretty good~”