Must.  See.  Photograph.  Below.

A photograph of Kimura Shunji, antagonist of the show, love rival and once-close friend of Lee Kang To, also known as Gakshital, in English known as Bridal Mask, posing as “Shunjital” has been publicized.

On August 29, actor Park Ki Woong who plays Kimura Shunji in the drama posted the selca on his Twitter account with the following words: “I am also Shunjital.  But, because my hair is like that, I still seem like the bad guy.”

In the selca, Park Ki Woong is on the set of popular KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Bridal Mask” wearing the Bridal Mask’s mask, but with his hair style and facial expression he still looks like baddie Shunji.  With his dead-pan expression and fingers throwing the “V” sign, Park Ki Woong’s photograph is sure to have fans of the show dying with laughter.