On the September 23 episode of KBS’s “The Return of Superman,” one of the newest additions to the cast, Na Eun, achieved a new milestone. 

This week, Na Eun and her father, Park Joo Ho (a professional soccer player) went to pick grapes for her younger sibling’s upcoming first birthday celebrations. After the work was done (with some tasting along the way), Na Eun was given her first errand ever.

She was asked to distribute her rice cakes to celebrate her sibling’s birthday to the neighborhood. Although excited at first by the task, she was soon overcome by the heat and dropped her bag to the ground. She then pulled out a parasol, water, and portable fan to ward off the heat.

Amusingly, she also started munching on a carrot as she went on her way. When she had given out all the rice cakes, she even carefully brought back some eggs that a neighborhood grandmother had given her in return.

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