PD Na Young Suk has shared his plans for a special “Around the World in 80 Days” trip.

On April 4, he shared of his new ideas, saying, “’Around the World in 80 Days” isn’t a new variety show or a project. It’s an event to commemorate tvN’s 10 year anniversary. The viewers have shown a lot of love for my programs like ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ and ‘Youth Over Flowers’ and so I have planned this event to repay that love. It’s not a program or a project but a special event that hopefully viewers will partake in joyfully.”

He continued, “The expenses of the trip will be one hundred million won (or approximately $86,814). I’m not sure yet how many teams in total it will be but at least four people per group will be traveling in a relay trip. According to the first team’s trip location, the next trip will be decided. Also, although it’s currently planned at 80 days, the trip can become longer, if needed. The trip expenses cannot be spent at one time and I hope that the viewers will use their good judgment to decide how to use that money.”

He also added in a fun tidbit to the show, explaining, “Since this is an event for the viewers, there will be no celebrities on this trip. Please view it as solely an event for the viewers. I hope that it becomes a good memory and a good experience for those who can go on the trip relay. Although ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ will be shown as a broadcast through the internet, I’m not thinking of ratings or clicks. I really hope that people enjoy it as purely a fun event for the viewers.”

“Around the World in 80 Days” will start at the beginning of May and the trip will take place over 80 days. Those who partake in the trip will record their adventures on video and those videos will be shown immediately on tvNgo or later in October in a digital content format.

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