Recently, actress Nam Bora‘s pre-debut appearance has been drawing interest online.

On an online community, photos captured from a broadcast were uploaded under the title, “Nam Bora Makeup-less from Four Years Ago.”

Nam Bora in these photos have no makeup or whatsoever, but still manages to captivate the eyes of the viewers.

Additionally, photos titled “Taking Care of Her Younger Sibling 13 Years Apart” were open to the public.  She shows a heartwarming smile as she holds her younger sibling.

Visitors to the forum board left various responses such as, “She only plays young roles, so I thought she would really have a child-like personality,” “She looks prettier without makeup,” and “If she is 13 years older than her younger sibling, she must have a great personality!”

Nam Bora is currently acting in the MBC weekly Wednesday/Thursday drama, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” as the villainous and selfish Princess Min Hwa.