Actress Nam Gyu Ri posted four selcas flaunting her beauty.

Nam Gyu Ri, who is currently in China filming for her Chinese drama “My Forgetful Girlfriend,” revealed some selcas on her official facebook page.

In the photos, her hairstyle emits a mature look while her various expressions display the actress at the peak of her beauty. Her milky white skin and prominent features are especially receiving a lot of attention. 

Netizens who viewed these photos commented, “Nam Gyu Ri keeps getting prettier these days,” “I hope to see her soon in some Korean works as well,” and “I’ll cheer you on for your Chinese activities.”

Meanwhile, Nam Gyu Ri has taken the lead role in “My Forgetful Girlfriend.” Although the episodes for the drama haven’t started airing yet, she is already receiving many offers for her next role in China along with a variety of interview requests. With the many postive feedback, it can be said that her Chinese debut is a success.