Actress Nam Gyu Ri looks youthful and beautiful in new behind the scene photos from her “It Pouch” photo shoot. The pictures were released on Namoo Actors Facebook page, and it is hard to believe the actress is 28 years old from looking at the pictures.

Nam Gyu Ri is getting ready for the May 1 premiere of her 3D zombie movie “I Saw You” at the Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF).

Nam Gyu Ri looks like she’s about to hit the clubs as she shows off her legs in this mini dress.


Nam Gyu Ri’s skin looks flawless in this close up as she wears a sleeveless shirt.

namgyuri2 namgyur

Below is the “making of” video of Nam Gyu Ri’s spring photo shoot for It Pouch. Watch as she poses in stylish spring fashion outfits.