Nam Gyu Ri has come forth with an explanation regarding rumors of her father’s debt.

On February 19, her agency Ko-Top Media released an official statement regarding reports of her father’s debt. In the statement, the agency explained the situation and that her father had no legal responsibility to pay back an investor but had tried to do so out of good faith. It was also revealed that Nam Gyu Ri would be preparing to take legal action for defamation and attempted blackmail.

Read the full statement below:

“In 1991, Nam Gyu Ri’s father and his acquaintances sold shares of unauthorized housing in a redevelopment area and did not receive compensation for it. Nam Gyu Ri’s father took legal responsibility and served his sentence. Afterwards, he fell ill and has been unable to take part in financial activities until now as he is still bedridden due to the illness.

His acquaintances, who were unable to act freely in terms of the law, were thankful towards Nam Gyu Ri’s father. They have continued to contact each other, and they obviously know his contact information as well as where he lives. They are friendly enough that among the acquaintances who invested, some of them greeted him during the holidays recently.

However, among the 10 acquaintances, the wife of one of the deceased investors and her son saw the recent ‘celebrity debt’ phenomenon and got in touch with a reporter.

Despite the fact that Nam Gyu Ri has no legal responsibility whatsoever, she and her sick father tried to repay the investment money in good faith, feeling responsible that he invested. However, she took into account severe defamation and has decided to take legal action.

Having a kind heart and good will, the actress was going to repay the investment money. But as she dealt with defamation, she decided that there was a need to take firm legal action. We are currently reviewing whether or not defamation and attempted blackmail are applicable to media outlets and reporters who reported on things that were not true.”

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