On August 8, Nam Gyuri posted several self-portrain pictures on her twitter. She instantly garnered fans’ attention with her long, straight, and black hair and her fair skin. She commented on the pictures, “The sun feels good. Busan’s sunlight is so warm. It’s probably going to get hot, soon. Although it’s hot again today, let’s cheer up everyone.”

The revealed pictures capture Nam Gyuri’s doll-like beauty. Her small face and well defined facial features along with flawless skin is juxtaposed against her long and dark hair, allowing her beauty to stand out even more. Netizens commented on these pictures, “A classic doll-like beauty,” “Your skin is so milky smooth,” “Nobody’s selca measures up to that of Nam Gyuri,” and “You just keep getting prettier, making my heart flutter looking at you.”

Meanwhile, Nam Gyuri is currently appearing in new KBS drama “Haeundae Lovers” as beautiful shoe designer Yoon Se Na.