Nam Gyuri is receiving attention for her proof shots taken for a fan who gifted her lunch. On August 16, she wrote on her twitter, “Lunch of love sent from a loving fan!”

“From Cheonan to is touching.”

“Thank you!…I will eat well and get strength to film….”

Afterwards, she tweeted, “Thank you..! Whenever I am tired, you never fail to give me happiness surprisingly. How do I repay? I have nothing to give yet…..I really love you…!! I won’t forget..!!!” Along with the tweet, she uploaded a photo.

In the pictures, Nam Gyuri took proof shots of the lunch gift while smiling brightly, showing herself eating the lunch as well. She shows off her radiant beauty even through the somewhat indistinct photos.

Netizens who saw this commented, “Nam Gyuri’s proof shot is amazing,” “Her proof shots are really pretty,” and “I’m jealous of the person who received her proof shots.”