Actress Nam Gyuri showed off her long and beautiful legs out in the middle of the street. She uploaded a picture of herself with the caption, “30 dollar bag. Eat quesadilla. I’m so free nowadays, from everything!”

In the picture, she is wearing black hot pants with a white blouse, and her hair is naturally put up. Her exceptionally long legs caught the attention of many people.

The picture looks as if a paparazzi took the shot, but Netizens are skeptical of the possiblity that she might have taken the picture herself.

Some of the comments by Netizens are, “You can tell her legs are beautiful even from far away”, “This is a set-up picture.. cute!”, “It looks like a Hollywood paparazzi picture”, “her simple fashion is really attractive!”, “she can’t cover her beauty with sunglasses.”

What do you think?