On August 12, 4minute‘s Nam Ji Hyun updated on twitter, “Our faces are all swollen from drinking wine last night in Macao. This is embarrassing but, here comes the selcas!” and posted several pictures. The revealed pictures show Nam Ji Hyun and HyunA looking naturally beautiful, looking into the camera side by side.

They are as playful as any other young women in their early 20s. In a picture, they are sticking their lips out, blowing kisses to the camera. In another, they have pink blushes drawn on their faces as a “special effect.” Although Nam Ji Hyun stated that she and HyunA are “swollen” and it is embarrassing, they look rather cute and young with fuller faces.

Netizens commented on these pictures, “Still cute with swollen faces,” “What are they doing in Macao?” “Look at their lips,” “Is this Macao Style?” and “I can’t wait for 4minute to come back!”