Actress Nam Sang Mi revealed her complex.

On July 16, Nam Sang Mi appeared on the SBS talk show, “Hwa Shin” and shared that her large chest was her complex, clearing up rumors of her getting a breast surgery.

During the episode, the MCs asked if she received breast surgery and to that, Nam Sang Mi replied, “I had a complex about my chest since I was young,” and “After debuting, I often taped down the neckline of my tops. But since I had to show new sides of myself as an actress, I became more open about my chest.”

She continued, “I really liked gym time during school but my large chest made things very uncomfortable,” and “I went to a co-ed school and I hated to receive attention so I even wrapped my chest in bandages for gym.”

After this episode was aired, past pictures and photo shoots of Nam Sang Mi became a hot topic.

nam sang mi photo shoot

nam sang mi photo shoot 1

nam sang mi photo shoot 2