Actor Namgoong Min honestly opened up about the chances of taking his previous on-screen marriage into real life.

During an interview with OSEN on June 5, the actor was asked about his virtual marriage life with his former “We Got Married” partner, singer Hong Jin Young.

When asked if he keeps in contact with Hong Jin Young, the actor explained, “We have never contacted one another since [wrapping up ‘We Got Married’]. Jin Young is probably working hard in her activities.”

Namgoong Min shared, “This is a topic to be cautious of, but I think many fans really want us to date. I’m cautious of talking about this, as it might put pressure on both of us. I could possibly be standing in the way of Jin Young’s future path.”

He continued, “While we are cheering each other on to do well, there is no chance of actually dating as the fans are hoping. I think everyone who appears on ‘We Got Married’ are all destined to have these kinds of worries follow them. It’s honestly a little burdensome to have public attention on whether we still keep in contact after [the show] or really date [off screen].

A lot of people were probably surprised when I said I was going to appear on ‘We Got Married.’ I, myself, didn’t know I would do ‘We Got Married’ either. It was a good experience and we worked hard, so I’m thankful that people liked us [as a couple].

I’m being cautious when saying there’s no possibility of developing my relationship with Jin Young [in real life], but there really is no possibility. But I am lonely these days. I should probably have a ‘some’ relationship, but I’m not very good at that.”

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