OCN’s upcoming weekend drama “Kill It” has shared photos from the cast’s enthusiastic script reading!

“Kill It” will be an action story that tells the story of Kim Soo Hyun (Jang Ki Yong), who was once a killer but has now become a veterinarian with a secret, and detective Do Hyun Jin (Nana), who is chasing after a serial killer. The story will revolve around how a killer-turned-veterinarian who saves animal lives will find common ground with a detective who is trying to save human lives.

The script reading took place in January and brought together director Nam Sung Woo, screenwriters Son Hyun Soo and Choi Myung Jin, as well as cast members Jang Ki Yong, Nana, Noh Jung Ui, Lee Jae Won, Jung Hae Kyun, Kim Hyun Mok, Ji Il Joo, Ok Go Woon, Jun Jin Gi, Jung Jae Eun, Kwak Ja Hyun, Ahn Se Ho, Kim Sun Bin, and Robin. The thrilling, action-packed script had the cast on the edges of their toes, making everyone forget the winter cold. Director Nam Sung Woo said, “I’m honored to be with the best actors. All I need to do is focus on doing well myself. I will create a space for everyone to bring out their full potential.

Jang Ki Yong will play Kim Soo Hyun, one of the most-skilled killers in the industry who is hiding his identity and becomes a veterinarian. During the script reading, he perfectly balanced the face of a cold killer with the warmth of a veterinarian bonding with animals. Alongside him was Nana playing Do Hyun Jin, who overcame past trauma and became an elite detective. She is a charismatic individual who is both stylish and talented at what she does. Nana said, “I’m excited about working with such great people. I will do my best to always come on set with excitement and joy.”

They are joined by a talented supporting cast including Noh Jung Ui, playing chaebol high school student with a secret Kang Seul Gi, Lee Jae Won, who plays Kim Soo Hyun’s closest friend who also brings him clients Philip Ahn, and Jung Hae Kyun, who plays Do Hyun Jin’s father and head of Sehan FT Group Do Jae Hwan. Other cast members such as Ji Il Joo, Ok Go Woon, Jung Jae Eun, Ahn Se Ho, and Robin will all bring life to their respective characters.

The production staff stated, “The script reading was full of energy, proving why each person was cast in their respective roles. Jang Ki Yong and Nana will showcase stunning visuals and action scenes that have never been seen before, and all of the actors will come together to create a killer action drama.”

“Kill It” is set to premiere on March 16 at 10:20 p.m. KST.

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