After School’s Nana is featured on the cover and pictorial of the January 2018 issue of Grazia Korea.

The star showcased her successful transformation into an actress and posed for dreamy photos highlighting her natural beauty. In an accompanying interview, Nana shared some thoughts on her acting and her future.

She recently appeared in the film “Swindlers” and will now be starring in the drama “Four Sons.” Nana revealed, “I am currently attending action school, so I’m not able to get my nails done these days. I’m playing a detective on-screen. My character is really good at fighting so I’m learning the basic [actions] of fighting. It’s a really important role and one I’m underqualified for, so I’m working hard to prepare for it.”

When asked about her thoughts on her success as an actress thus far, she humbly responded, “I think it’s because the public has low expectations of me. Because of the stereotypes surrounding idols and because I hadn’t really shown my acting before, I think [people] are having low expectations and giving me favorable reviews. However, I really did study hard at acting.”

Nana concluded the interview by saying she wants to become an actress who can pull off any character instead of having a fixed acting style. “I want to show everyone all the different sides of me,” said Nana.

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