Today netizens were extremely confused when they noticed something wrong when they searched for Netflix‘s Love Alarm on Naver‘s search engine. Love Alarm’s second season is set to premiere sometime this year, so fans are eagerly awaiting any and all news related to the K-Drama.

According to the Naver cast listing of Love Alarm, Parasite‘s Song Kang Ho is facing his most daring role yet, a high school boy!
The cast and description for season 2 of Love Alarm remained the same as season 1, except for Song Kang Ho’s addition.

| @sunjo_more/Twitter

Of course, it was nothing more than an accidental editing mistake since Song Kang Ho’s name is very close to the real Love Alarm star, Song Kang.

| @songkang_b/Instagram

Naver later apologized for the mistake and fixed it.

We have noticed the error. We will fix the cast list accordingly.


Of course, fans still had fun with the idea of Song Kang Ho as the main character.

Tweet Translation: “Guys, Song Kang oppa stepped down from Love Alarm 2 and was replaced by Song Kang Ho ahjussi. *laughing emojis*.