A few days ago, comedienne Park Na Rae was put under police investigation following her sexual harassment controversy on the YouTube series Hey Na Rae.

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Since then, the Naver TV TALK bulletin boards or forums for several of their programs have shut down. The forums were directly related to only shows that Park Na Rae appeared on.

Naver TV TALK bulletin board has turned private to protect the cast from abusive, slanderous, and malicious comments.



This means that viewers will not be able to leave comments for all of the programs Park Na Rae appears on. These programs included Amazing Saturday – Doremi MarketI Live Alone, Where is My Home, and The House Detox. However, Ssul.Vival‘s bulletin board is still open, which many netizens took advantage of and continue to leave comments requesting Park Na Rae to leave the show.

The comedienne has been facing criticism and requests to leave the industry due to her many sexual comments and actions, which some believed were sexual harassment.

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“He has a gochu [pepper or penis] in his pants.” | STUDIO WAFFLE/YouTube

Park Na Rae took a stretchy toy’s arm and placed it inappropriately, stroked a table leg inappropriately, a sexual remark regarding EXO‘s Kai, and more.

The production team of Hey Na Rae, YouTuber Hey Jini, and Park Na Rae herself have since apologized, but the criticism continues.