The Kim brothers actor Gong Myung and NCT 127‘s Doyoung recently met to do their very first photoshoot together, and we can’t get enough of their adorable relationship.

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| SARAM Entertainment/YouTube

In Gong Myung’s first vlog for SARAM Entertainment, he documented his excitement for his first ever photoshoot with his younger brother Doyoung.

He decided to call him, and revealed that he has Doyoung saved in his phone as “My Little Brother ❤️”.

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| SARAM Entertainment/YouTube

He also showed some adorable and sweet childhood photos of the two of them!

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| SARAM Entertainment/YouTube

The two of them were playful on set, making each other and the staff laugh at their cute antics.

They even got a meal together afterwards, where they continued to banter with each other.

It’s clear Gong Myung has a soft spot for Doyoung, playfully going along with his requests.

And just like any good older brother, Gong Myung also gave his advice when Doyoung reached out for advice. Their relationship is so sweet!